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House in Topčić polje completely destroyed by water in only a few hours. People’s reality is endless water and never ending danger. Try receive zero support from the government, local authorities are helpless. Help arrives from goo people, but is temporary and never evenly distributed. Some fled to other cities/countries, some have nowhere else to go. Some cleaned and repaired as much as they could, some still try to rechannel water streams around their homes. #bosniafloods #poplavebih

A neighbor walking on what was once a cute lane in a village with a beautiful nature. Now all is black of earth, homes ravaged and water everywhere. Rain dods not stop. #bosniafloods #poplavebih #bosnia #floods @TopcicPolje

Sklepan mostić do kuće koja se osipa / tenth bridge across a wild water, 40 cm wide and unstable. House foundations are shattered daily. Water is taking down an old ladies house. #bosniafloods #floods#bosnia#poplaveBiH


Natural jewels

Master of Puppets

Wires more wires

Lunch break, summer edition

A #tourist in #Vogosca

#good #morning #instainsta #hashtag #people

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